Nest for Life Episode 7: Wide Open Spaces–Hallways

Say no to cramped hallways!

Check out Episode 7 of Nest for Life to see how a wider hallway makes life easier. 

Nest for Life Episode 7: Wide Open Spaces–Hallways

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Nest for Life Episode 6: Kitchen Storage–the ‘in-between’

Wall & base cabinets require effort! I want kitchen storage within easy reach.  Check out episode 6 for the answer:  Nest for Life Episode 6: Kitchen Storage–the ‘in-between’


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Nest for Life Episode 5: No bump, no problem!

Got a minute???

Check out Nest for Life Episode 5: No bump, no problem and learn how seamless flooring transitions help me to be less clumsy!

Nest for Life Episode 2: Pull out shelving and drawers

OK all of you Dads out there….who is in the kitchen today making breakfast with the kids????

Check out episode 2 and Happy Mother’s Day!

Introducing Nest for Life!

Introducing Nest for Life!

Life is busy. We are all looking for that elusive “Easy” button. If our homes could help make everyday tasks easier and more convenient, who wouldn’t sign up? In fact, a well-designed home can help, and it can help everyone. Nest for Life is a digital resource for inclusive design. Nest for Life episodes show how design can provide a layer of invisible convenience for your everyday routine. Using a lifespan design approach, the living space design is inspirational; boasting comfort, convenience and flexibility to take on life’s potential challenges and changing lifestyle needs, without sacrificing aesthetics. Life is an adventure; living in your house shouldn’t be. #GetNested

About Debra Young, M.Ed., OTR/L, SCEM, ATP, CAPS, FAOTA

Award-winning thought leader in the field, with more than 20 years experience as an occupational therapist and aging in place expert designing environments that meet a homeowner’s current and potential future changing needs.